How to add Components to a Solution

1. Open an Unmanaged Solution in your CRM environment by going to:
 e             Settings > Solutions

2.       Once you open your Solution, click on Components



3.       In this Example, we’ll add Account Entity, but only with several fields and views. To begin, click on: Add Existing:



4.       Click on: Entity



5.       Select Account and click OK



6. In this new window, we’ll need to select the Entity Components that we want to be in our Solution. In this example, we’ll add three forms and three views. Starting with the forms, go and check the ones you want to move. I’ll select two Main forms and one Card, you can choose your own.



7.       Click on “Views”



8.       Check the views you want to add and click Finish. I’ll select the followings:


9.       Once you finish all these steps, the Entity will appear in our Solution with the components we have selected:



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