How to edit SiteMap


  • XRM Toolbox.
  • Before editing the Site Map, make sure you have a backup of it. To do this, you can create a new Solution and add “SiteMap” by clicking on: Add Existing –> Sitemap. As a last step, export the solution. If something goes wrong, just import it again and all issues in the sitemap should disappear.

Hands on

  1. Open XRM Toolbox
  2. In the search bar, type “Site map editor


  1. Click on “Site Map editor
  2. A new window will appear


  1. Click on Load SiteMap


  1. In the left pane you will see all Areas and Sub areas within the site map.


  1. Click on “Area (SFA)” and see the options it shows. Notice that we’re seeing “Sales” module as well as Sale’s Sub areas


The Area we see in the image above is:


  1. Let’s say we want to hide “Dashboards” Sub Area. To do this, click on “Sub Area(new_dashboards)”. After doing that, you will see “Privilege” option below it


  1. Click on “Privilege” to see at the right pane the following options:


  • To Hide or Show any Area or Subarea, a filter must be applied. Filters in SiteMap work based on User Roles. So, for an Area or Subarea to appear, the User should have specific privileges over the Entity specified.
  • To explain this behavior, let’s put an example:
    • The  Sub Area we are working on is “Dashboards”


  1. On “Entity” field, we’ll set the CRM Entity we’ll use to check privileges. For testing proposes, in this example I’ll use “Entitlement” Entity. Please be sure to put all text in lowercase.
  2. In “Privileges” we’ll set the privileges the user must have over that entity to see “Dashboards” Subarea. In this case I’ll use “Create” privilege over “Entitlement”


  • Click on save
  • Click on “Update SiteMap”


Seeing the results

Generally, the only role that has Create privilege over Entitlement Entity is System Admin. So, to see your new customizations, login in your target environment as System Admin, you should see “Dashboards” subarea below Sales Area:


On the other hand, login to your target organization with a role that does not have Create Privilege Over Entitlement Entity, and you shouldn’t see “Dashboards” subarea:


Hope it helps!

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