Advanced Find Ribbon – Hiding “Quick Campaign” and “Add To Marketing List” buttons


Today, I have received a requirement in which I was asked to remove several buttons from Advanced Find feature. Hence, I started by creating a new Solution and then adding Application Ribbons, both steps are necessary to edit Advanced Find Ribbon(NOTE: In case you need to modify Dashboards Ribbon, this works as well). However, after trying to remove two specific buttons, I noticed that they were not appearing in the ribbon editor(Ribbon Workbench), these are:

  • Add To Marketing List
  • Quick campaign


Advanced Find Ribbon view:



After a couple of hours trying to find a way to accomplish this, I found how to do it.

  • First, you need to create a Solution with Contact Entity (To play safe, I exported this new solution, so I have a backup of the original Ribbon. I strongly recommend you to do the same in case that you do any changes to the Ribbon).
  • Subsequently , I opened the solution using Ribbon Workbench and found both buttons in Subgrid Section:


The final step, was just right clicking on both buttons and then click on HIDE. With this, you also ensure that both buttons will be hidden in Advanced Find Ribbon as well as in the Contact subgrid. This is something that personally, I didn’t know. If you want these buttons to be hidden based on specific rules, you can also add Display Rules to manage the behavior.


Let me know if this helped you!



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